Wolfgang Stief

I heard about the Cray-Cyber project the first time at VCFE 3.0. At this time, Cray-Cyber wasn’t a real project, but more a private collection of some vintage supercomputers. I heard about it a second time, when John G. Zabolitzky and Gaby Chaundry were on air at C-RaDaR (Chaosradio Darmstadt), talking about several aspects in vintage computing. In January 2003 I joined the project with my first actions taken in March 2003: accompany the team at the complete renovation of the server room (which really was quite a lot of work…).

In real life, I’m working as system engineer — specialized on Sun/Solaris — in a small company near Munich. In Cray-Cyber, my main focus is on hardware (power distribution, cooling, peripherals, bus systems etc.) as well as operating systems. In my spare time I’m collecting old Sun machines and try keeping them up and running.

You will find some more information about me (most of it in German) — including my GnuPG public key — at www.chaes.de.