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Picking up a Cray J932

On Monday, January 5th 2004 we picked up a Cray J932 from the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst (=DWD)).
The computer rooms of the DWD are about 400 km (about 250 miles) from our computer rooms so we drove away at about 8 AM and rented the truck at the destination side (because we could save some time when going there by car instead of renting the truck already in Munich).
We disassembled the Cray J932 in about one hour. Then we needed half an hour to get the truck right, because the ramp was constructed for bigger trucks so we had to fiddle around some time...
We needed somewhat more than one hour to get the racks in the truck and fixate them there. Then John drove to the computer rooms with the truck and Alex and Freddy took the car, so they were in the computer rooms much earlier.
The original thought was to put the Cray up behind the NEC SX4, but this could not be done, because we didn't know that the CPU rack of the J932 (the J90 with 32 CPUs) was deeper than a normal 19" rack (and thus deeper than the IOUs and the space reserved for the whole machine).
Alex and Freddy reorganized the room and created some space where the J932 can be put up and where the J916 (fetched on January 7th 2004, see diary) can also be put up on.
Before unloading we noticed, that the CPU cabinet of the J932 was too heavy to get over our ramp (which is again constructed for bigger trucks) so we removed the power supplies and the boards.

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