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John G. Zabolitzky
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Freddy Meerwaldt
Wolfgang Stief

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Seymour Cray
Control Data Corp
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System statistics of some machines in the Cray-Cyber network

We have SysInfo running in our network, which is a package which runs via a cron job on every host we want to monitor and prints out information about it to a file which resides on a NFS-mounted directory.
The Server has a PHP-Script which reads those files, formats the output and prints the result on the website.
This software package was developed by Freddy Meerwaldt and it is available for download on his homepage.

Below is the table with the current statistics (as of the last report).
If a system is currently up, the uptime will be bold, and there will be the term "running" printed in front of the uptime.

Current local time: May 06 22:49 2018

General Information
Last info gathered at
Load averages
OS & Architecture
Act. Users
Ram Total/Used
Swap Total/Used
# of Processes/Top Process
CPU Information
Hard Disks
Cray Y-MP EL
SGI Origin 2000
Main Server XEN Host
Login-Server (XEN Domain)
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Cray is a registered trademark of Cray Inc.

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