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Cray Y-MP EL (yel)
Cyber 960 (cy960)
Cyber 860 (cy860)
Cyber 830 (phoenix)
Desktop Cyber (dtcyber)
Control Data Net (cdcnet)
SGI Origin 2000 (o2000)
CData 4680 (majestix)
Sun Enterprise 10000 (e10k)
Cray T3E (t3e)
NEC SX-4B (sx4b)
NEC UP4800/675 (siox)
Cray J916 (uhu)
Cray J932 (huh)
Cray C90
Cray T3D
Fujitsu VPP300 (vpp)
Bull DPS 6000
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Deinstallation of CY830s
CDC Cyber Boards
Tours day on Nov 23rd 2002
Tours day on Nov 29th 2003
Tours day on Nov 27th 2004
Picking up a Cray J932
Acquisition of IPPs Cray J916
The move
The renovation
Vintage computer rooms
Operating a DEC10
Screenshots CC545
Air Conditioning
Cyber 2000 from Zurich (external)
Moving to datArena (external, short overview)
Moving to datArena (external, long version)

Hardware Projects
Cyber Disk Emulator
MUNIAC Vacuum Tube Computer

Team Members:
John G. Zabolitzky
Alexander Mann
Freddy Meerwaldt
Wolfgang Stief

In memory of:
Seymour Cray
Control Data Corp
Cray Research
Cray Computer Corp

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We are grateful to these people and organizations for various forms of support and donation of artefacts:

Gerard van der Grinten, Netherlands 2 brandnew D-Link DCS-900 IP-Webcams
Intel Core Duo based PC with DtCyber emulator
Endesa Mallorca CDC Cyber 180-830, 3 complete computer systems
Zentralanstalt für Meterologie und GeodynamikMetrum Tape Robot and MO-Library
FIDES Information Services CDC Cyber 180-830 System and Spares
5 CDC Cyber 2000 Systems, Peripherals and Spares
Rechenzentrum des IPP MPG Cray J916 Computer, NEC SX-5 System
SGI Origin 2000 System
Costra SA Control Data Cyber 932 System and Spares
Fakultaet Informatik der TU Berlin Cray T3E Computer System
KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbH Providing the ADSL access with a fixed IP
Alexander W. JanssenFDDI Cables
Frank FegertFDDI Cables
Michael Krauß Datentechnik (DEC specialist) FDDI Cables
Lukas Hey Mustek WCam 3X (Webcam)
Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphären-Physik, Kühlungsborn NEC SX-4B Mainframe with SIOX and RAID array
Wico Meerwaldt donating and building the ramp to the new raised floor
Chris Wunder, Hans Franke, Marco Lorig, Marcus Scharz, Ulf Rudolf and Wolfgang Stief Helping with the renovation
Gerard van der Grinten, Netherlands HP MO-Library
Great Control Data support
best Systeme GmbH access to a color laser printer and a van
Cyber Resources Corporation 3 Cyber 180-860
405 card readers
415 card punch
Financial Markets Service Bank2 bulky equipped Sun Enterprise 10000, admin workstations, lots of SBus cards, D1000 boot devices and ethernet equipment
FZK Institut fuer Meteorologie und Klimaforschung - IFU Cray J916 Computer
Faurecia, Germany Donating a SGI Onyx2, 2 rack configuration
FRA, Sweden Large amounts of Cyber 960 spares and peripherals
Gerhard Karl, Bruchsal CDC and Siemens artefacts
Gregor Härtl, Liebenstein providing storage space and helping with the transports
GSKV GmbH, Munich several 3Com network components
Haus zur Geschichte der IBM Datenverarbeitung Fixing the IBM Key Punch
Heinz Rüter, Berlin Deinstallation of and instruction about Cyber 960
Ethernet equipment
Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz
Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung
Donation of HP Superdome, Sunfire 3800, IBM H70
Leibniz-Rechenzentrum München Cray Y-MP EL, some small equipment, Fujitsu VPP 300/700 spare parts
Münchener Rechenzentrum Several Control Data UNIX machines and peripherals
Peter Bartsch, Goldbach Contacts, information, documentation and CDC equipment
Lowell Christiansen, Computer Commodities GmbH CDC, Magnetic Peripherals, Seagate peripherals
Rechenzentrum, Technische Universität Berlin Cyber 960-31
Rechenzentrum, Universität Köln CDC Documentation
Rechenzentrum, Universität Bayreuth Various Cray/Unicos Tapes and Documentation
Fujitsu VPP 300
Rechenzentrum, Universität Würzburg Cray Y-MP EL Parts
Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen Cray Documentation, Fujitsu VPP 300 spare parts
Studiosus Reisen Bull DPS 6000
Lehrstuhl für Datenverarbeitung, Technische Universität München Some HP and DEC workstations, printers, network equipment
Lehrstuhl für angewandte Mathematik und mathematische Statistik, Technische Universität München Various Workstations
Uwe Hösel, Zschopau Repair of several terminals and computers
IXOS GmbH, Munich Ethernet networking equipment
Peter Bartsch, Gerard van der Grinten, Stefan Lesser, Benjamin Velmeden, Ulf Rudolf, Joachim Schwanter, Djordje "Tschokko" Gladovic, Kerstin Mende, Jürgen Unger, Christian Horn, Wolfgang Kainz-Huber, Andreas Hubel, Bernd Stolle Lots of helping hands during datacenter move from Stäblistraße to datArena, September 2009.
Snoopy, Lucy Zocher Catering during datacenter move from Stäblistraße to datArena, September 2009
Heinz Ringlhofer, Wien Deadstart Panel Control Data Cyber 73
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