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About the systems:
Cray Y-MP EL (yel)
Cyber 960 (cy960)
Cyber 860 (cy860)
Cyber 830 (phoenix)
Desktop Cyber (dtcyber)
Control Data Net (cdcnet)
SGI Origin 2000 (o2000)
CData 4680 (majestix)
Sun Enterprise 10000 (e10k)
Cray T3E (t3e)
NEC SX-4B (sx4b)
NEC UP4800/675 (siox)
Cray J916 (uhu)
Cray J932 (huh)
Cray C90
Cray T3D
Fujitsu VPP300 (vpp)
Bull DPS 6000
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General pictures
Deinstallation of CY830s
CDC Cyber Boards
Tours day on Nov 23rd 2002
Tours day on Nov 29th 2003
Tours day on Nov 27th 2004
Picking up a Cray J932
Acquisition of IPPs Cray J916
The move
The renovation
Vintage computer rooms
Operating a DEC10
Screenshots CC545
Air Conditioning
Cyber 2000 from Zurich (external)
Moving to datArena (external, short overview)
Moving to datArena (external, long version)

Hardware Projects
Cyber Disk Emulator
MUNIAC Vacuum Tube Computer

Team Members:
John G. Zabolitzky
Alexander Mann
Freddy Meerwaldt
Wolfgang Stief

In memory of:
Seymour Cray
Control Data Corp
Cray Research
Cray Computer Corp

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Societies / Museums:
Annual Vintage Computer Festival
Annual Vintage Computer Festival Europe
The Bayview Club (ex-CDC employees)
Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology
Charles Babbage Institute
Computer History Museum
The computer history collection by the National Museum of American History
The Waalsdorp Museum, NL
The Jim Austin Computer Collection, UK
The Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island, Inc.
The Rhode Island Computer Museum
The DigiBarn Computer Museum
French Compter Museum

Working Systems / Reconstruction Projects:
Working IBM Mainframes
Manchester Baby Reconstruction
Atanasoff-Berry Computer Reconstruction
IBM 1620 Computer Reconstruction
Zuse Z23 Computer Reconstruction

Emulation projects:
Desktop Cyber Emulator - Emulates a Cyber 170
Cyber1 - PLATO System running within a DtCyber, they give out free accounts on that system
The SIMH Simulator - emulates a PDP-x, VAX and many more

CDC Cyber links:
Story about the last hours of operation of a CDC 6600
Information about the CDC 6600
Some photos of the CDC 6600 and peripherals
Some photos of the CDC 7600 system
Performance of various CDC systems
Ex French CDC employees (english parts here)

Cray related:
Cray FAQ home page
Jim Curry's Cray Collection
Cray Collector's Page

Personal homepages related to old iron:
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection
Douglas W. Jones - Associate Professor
Bernd Ulmann - VAXman
Megan B. Gentry
Mike Umbricht's vintage computer collection

Supercomputing / HPC:
TOP 500 Supercomputer Sites
LINPACK benchmarking system (Fortran)
Cost/Performance over time incl. inflation
Cost/Performance of many CPUs
ETA - a subsidiary of CDC
The history of the development of parallel computing

Supercomputing in the Soviet Union(PDF)

Misc. Computer history links:
History of Computer Programming
Sites on Computer History
The Computer Collector
Computer History Links
German: Archive of almost all computers with lots of information about them
Historical Firsts in computing
Facts and stories about Antique Computers

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