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Team Members:
John G. Zabolitzky
Alexander Mann
Freddy Meerwaldt
Wolfgang Stief

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Seymour Cray
Control Data Corp
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Frequently asked questions

1. Why does my session sometimes stop responding? is connected through an ADSL Line provided by the german telecom so it can be that the connection sometimes just breakes down.
This should not happen actually - we're reconnecting at 6 o'clock and 6:30 local time (as we will be automatically disconnected after 24h).
Fortunately we don't have to update our DNS entries anymore as we have a fixed IP Address now.
As soon as the connection gets lost, our server reconnects.
If your session is disconnected, you can always resume it using the feature in the main menu.

2. Why are most machines only running on saturday?
Easy - because these machines consumes lots of power.
The cyber consumes about 12 kilowatts, the cray about 3.5 kilowatts.
If you want to have them running longer, feel free to donate to the cray-cyber project.
If you want your donation only to be used for the power bills, enter something like "Cray-Cyber Project - Power" into the description field.

3. Will backup of my userdata be made?
Yes, we will make backups but we however can take no responsibility for lost data - we just do our best to make backups whenever possible.

4. Will you take responsiblity for something?
NO! - the answer is really that simple. We can neither take responsibility for anything nor can we ensure the operation at the given times. Although we are always trying our best to make the promised machines available every saturday, we cannot guarantee the machines to be available because the machine might fail, all operators may be ill/on vacation or whatever.
We never had this situation till now, and we don't expect it to happen, but never say never.

5. Why do I sometimes get a "password" prompt when logging in via telnet
Some clients want to be very intelligent and already enter the username from which you invoked the client into the login: field. This happens on MacOS X, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Tru64, for example.
Easy solution: You get another login prompt by just pressing enter.

6. I got the CDCNET Prompt - what now?
It's crazy - but this is often asked (some people can't read anymore these days) - just have a look at the NOS Short Users Guide which is located here

7. I can logon to the logon server but not to a SuperComputer via the login menu - I always get 'login incorrect'
All our UNIX-Based supercomputers get its password-databases from the Server every 20 minutes. So if you just changed your password, the Cray will most likely not have your current one. Wait 20 minutes after changing your password on the or try with the password e-mailed to you (this is valid until the next synchronization-period).

8. I can't get out of the Full Screen Editor or I'm stuck somewhere else on the Cyber
If you're stuck somewhere out of the FSE, press CTRL-T. CTRL-T normally aborts your current job.
If you're stuck in the FSE, move your cursor into the upper left corner and enter EXIT there. This is the command line.
In case CTRL-T does not work, try %2 instead. [percent-sign and digit 2]

9. Is there a way to see those dinosaurs in real life?
Yes, there are several ways. We are located in Munich, Germany. Once a year -- always the first weekend in May -- there is the Vintage Computer Festival Europa (VCFe) in Munich. Visitors of the VCFe can attend excursions w/ guided tours to our Vintage Computer Center. Usually on a Saturday around end of November each year, our annual Tours Day takes place with guided tours through the Vintage Computer Center as well. Visit our website from time to time for the announcements. There is also an announcement mailing list where you can subscribe.

If both dates are inconvenient to you: Each Saturday from 12:00h to 18:00h there is at least one of us in the Computer Center doing some maintenance work. There usually is no problem with you just passing by. It would help, if you drop a short note beforehand to Under certain circumstances there could be some lack of time, so your visit better is rescheduled to another day. There is also a way to arrange guided tours -- also for groups -- during the week, whenever you want. Contact us at for scheduling.

There is no entrance fee, but if you feel worth it, you can donate. At VCFe excursion there will be charged for the transfer only.

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Cray is a registered trademark of Cray Inc.

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