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Detaching and attaching sessions

This service is disabled because of abuse - if you need it you can request this feature additionally

Since June 27th, the Cray-Cyber Project offers the possibility to detach a running session.
This feature is provided by using the public domain software "screen" - for more features than the one described here, please see the GNU Screen Homepage
It is useful if you have long, interactive jobs (compiling software, etc.) running, or if you want to interrupt your session and start another one quickly.
You have to have a real user account for this feature to work - the guest account cannot use this feature.


Please don't just leave the sessions open without a job in it - this only consumes resources and is of no use.

This is how it works:

When you connect to a machine (e.g. the Cray Y-MP EL), the session is started in a so-called "screen".
When you press CTRL-a and then d your session gets detached, that means, the session is still running on the remote host, and you will get back to the main menu again.
Now you see an additional menuitem appearing ("c: Attach detached session")
When you choose this item by entering "c", you will be presented a list with your sessions:

Your current sessions are:
7947.yel0 (Detached)
Number of session to be attached (0 to go back to main menu):

Enter the number of the session to be attached now (e.g. 7947).
Your screen will now look exactly like you left it.

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