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Cray Y-MP EL (yel)
Cyber 960 (cy960)
Cyber 860 (cy860)
Cyber 830 (phoenix)
Desktop Cyber (dtcyber)
Control Data Net (cdcnet)
SGI Origin 2000 (o2000)
CData 4680 (majestix)
Sun Enterprise 10000 (e10k)
Cray T3E (t3e)
NEC SX-4B (sx4b)
NEC UP4800/675 (siox)
Cray J916 (uhu)
Cray J932 (huh)
Cray C90
Cray T3D
Fujitsu VPP300 (vpp)
Bull DPS 6000
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Deinstallation of CY830s
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Tours day on Nov 23rd 2002
Tours day on Nov 29th 2003
Tours day on Nov 27th 2004
Picking up a Cray J932
Acquisition of IPPs Cray J916
The move
The renovation
Vintage computer rooms
Operating a DEC10
Screenshots CC545
Air Conditioning
Cyber 2000 from Zurich (external)
Moving to datArena (external, short overview)
Moving to datArena (external, long version)

Hardware Projects
Cyber Disk Emulator
MUNIAC Vacuum Tube Computer

Team Members:
John G. Zabolitzky
Alexander Mann
Freddy Meerwaldt
Wolfgang Stief

In memory of:
Seymour Cray
Control Data Corp
Cray Research
Cray Computer Corp

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Special Features

The access to the machines in the Cray-Cyber network became more and more comfortable during the time by providing the following features (you should probably inform you about them for using the services efficiently)

During the time, we wrote some documentation for efficient use of our machines.
For example:
- Short guide to vector programming/parallelization
- Short form NOS commands
- Short usage guide for NOS systems
- Short usage guide for UNICOS systems
- EP/IX software porting guide

Mailing lists:
When becoming a Cray-Cyber user, you are automatically subscribed to the very low-volume mailing list "Announce".
There is an additional "Users" list for discussions regarding Cray-Cyber to which you can voluntarily subscribe.
---> Read more about it

Session management:
In order to comfortably manage your sessions on our machines, we enabled the usage of the GNU screen tool for all non-guest interactive sessions.
If you have processes running which take some time and produce interactive output you may want to detach it and attach it again lateron.
---> Read more about it

File transfer:
You may want to compile your own source projects on one of our machines without having to write all the code again (or copy it using copy-and-paste), or you may want to copy results of some calculations to your local computer.
That's why we now have the possibility to transfer files to the Cray-Cyber network by either using FTP (we strongly discourage from using it) or by using SCP (Secure CoPy - recommended).
---> Read more about it

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Cray is a registered trademark of Cray Inc.

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