John G. Zabolitzky

The machines operated here have been obtained and installed by John G. Zabolitzky and are located at Munich, Germany. We expect to technically be able to provide these services for indefinite time. We have several more identical machines in storage for spares and complete documentation available to us. Therefore, it is possible to maintain these machines.

The motivation to do this arises from having worked with these and similar machines for decades with significant enjoyment and success.

Curriculum of John G. Zabolitzky
1949 born in Wiesbaden, Germany
1967 first encounters: Siemens S2002, CDC 3400 at the Universitaet Mainz
1970 continuing work on Telefunken TR4, TR440 at Bochum
1972 PhD in theoretical Physics (Computational Physics, computer simulation of physical systems), Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
1972 research associate, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
1974 first use of CDC 7600 at CERN, Geneva; later at Koeln and at Hannover, Germany
1976 postdoctoral fellow, MIT
1976 postdoctoral fellow, Argonne National Laboratory
1980 CDC Cyber 205 at Bochum becomes major production machine
1980 Professor of Physics Universitaet zu Koeln
1982 Design and Implementation of special-purpose ECL VLIW computer for physical simulation
1985 Professor of Physics and Fellow of the Supercomputer Institute, University of Minnesota
1986 Cray-2 at the Supercomputer Institute (single quadrant and four quadrant) become major production machines
1987 Technical Manager, KONTRON electronics group, Eching, Germany
1991 Managing Director, BOTEC electronic and BOTEC engineering, Ottobrunn, Germany
1991 start design and implementation of Machine Vision Systems, optics, hardware, software
1994 Co-Founder and Managing Director, Qtec Industrieautomation, Oberhaching, Germany
1998 Acquisition of Qtec by ICOS Vision Systems
1999 Begin mainframe collection
2002 fourth generation of Machine Vision Systems designed
2009 Freelancer Electronic System Developer