Desktop Cyber

Machine Type: CDC Cyber 175 emulation
Year of introduction: 2004
CPU Type: Cyber 170 (RISC processor) emulated on Intel Core Duo
Number of processors: 1
Main memory: 256 kWords -> 2 MBytes
Word length: 60 bit
Binary compatibility: up to the CDC 6600 (1964)
Local storage: emulated disks, emulated Tape drives, emulated card reader/punch, printer
Network connectivity: 10 MBit Ethernet through
Specified performance: about 5 MFlops, about a CDC 7600
Measured peak performance: ?????
Operating system: NOS 2.8.7 L871 (60 bit Cyber 170 mode)
Commercial products installed: Fortran V compiler (FTN5)
Free software installed: none
Donated by: Gerard van der Grinten and Tom Hunter