The Last CDC Cyber 180/960 Mainframes, a 39-year era comes to an end

The colleagues in Vandenberg (USA) have shut down their 960 forever in June 2021.

I really hope we get our 960 back in service. At the moment it doesn’t look bad, our small data center doesn’t have a suitable power connection. However, the new building is almost finished, only small things are missing.

Paul Allen

Paul Allen died very suddenly seven days ago.

That was very close to me, although I never met Him personally. I followed his projects like the “living computers museum + labs” with interest and respect.
Our member Gerard van der Grinten was personally on site in Seattle to help with the start-up and repair of the CDC 6500.

The world has lost a great man, he has moved so much.
My condolences to Paul Allen’s family and friends.