IBM 360-65 and 360-44 Operator Consoles

IBM 360 consoles, 360-65 & 360-44

We got two IBM consoles.
From the IBM 360-65 and the 360-44, the special thing about the 44 is that it is labeled in German.

Thanks Wolfgang Kainz- Huber for the quick reaction and the organization.

In the future we will probably build a 360 emulation with a RaspberryPI to make the consoles “blink”.

Vintage Computer Festival Europe 20.0

Yes, it’s VCFe again! This time we are not represented with an exhibition. But there will be a lecture on Cray-Cyber on Saturday. Generally Saturday, Wolfgang Stief continues his lecture series on Cray with the Cray 3, unconditional recommendation.

Program VCFe 20.0:
Lecture Cray-Cyber:
Lecture Cray 3:
VCFe 20.0

Exhibition by Computermuseum München & Cray-Cyber on 40 Years of Chip Magazin

The Computermuseum München was invited as an exhibitor at the anniversary of the Computer Magazin Chip on 28.06. With the support of Cray-Cyber we have exhibited 12 computers in operation. It was a colorful mix from PET2001 to iPhone 1, the NeXT cube got a lot of attention, and a C64 invited to play. We thank you for the good organization and felt very comfortable with Chip and the Hacker School. We would be happy to come back and bring a terminal to a real mainframe.

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