Update CDC, Cray

We are currently working on all systems.
The Cyber 930 console has been converted to XT-IDE with 128MB disk on module, the 960 is completely assembled and is currently being repaired.
The 930 has a problem with its batteries and the 5V power supply from CEAG is defective and is being overhauled.
E10k and Cyber 4000 are also moving into the operating range.

Cray YMP-EL start up after VCFe 2018

Last year we mainly took care of the CDC 960. It’s time to continue with the small Cray.

Cray YMP-EL fault LEDs
Power for the Cray
Power connection to cab two
IPI wiring cab2 to cab1
IO System connectors interchange
Load IOS
Unicos up and running

The Cray is running, I am very happy that there was no bigger problem. Now we can take care of the UNICOS and the network.

Working on the CDC960 and reading the backup tape for the CRAY Y-MP EL

A lot has happened in the last few weeks:

  • For the operation of the CDC 960 almost all devices are installed in our computer room.
  • The power distributor is rebuilt and equipped with new fuses, as well as the 400Hz cable from the generator and the 50Hz supply line within our room is laid and connected.
  • The 400Hz generator has been successfully tested.
  • Also from the Cray Y-MP EL there is something pleasing to report, we could read the urgently needed SCAN files from a defective original tape.

Here are some impressions:

CDC405, CDC960

QIC Tape Tension Band Replacement

We reached the first place with our Cray Y-MP EL on the VCFe 19.0

We are very happy that our little Cray got so much attention. First place together with the arcade machines of “For Amusement Only” was the result of all the work.

Cray Y-MP EL at the LRZ.

Many visitors.

The Operators.

Terminal connected to the Cyber 173 emulator of Gerard van der Grinten in the Netherlands.

The Cray has safely arrived home.

The confirmation, chocolate from Switzerland. 🙂

I would like to thank our team and the organisers of the LRZ and VCFe.

Installation of UNICOS successful!

We had some problems to reactivate our Y-MP EL after the long time in stock. Thanks to our spare parts for the Cray, we were able to get the system up and running.

Add the boards to our database.

256 MegaByte RAM.

CPU Board.

Installation complete.

We are very happy that the Cray Y-MP EL is running and we can exhibit the machine at the VCFe.