Update CDC, Cray

We are currently working on all systems.
The Cyber 930 console has been converted to XT-IDE with 128MB disk on module, the 960 is completely assembled and is currently being repaired.
The 930 has a problem with its batteries and the 5V power supply from CEAG is defective and is being overhauled.
E10k and Cyber 4000 are also moving into the operating range.

Cyber 960 first run without any errors

All variable transformers had to be cleaned, now the power supply is stable again. We tested the currents through the transformers and diodes with the clamp ammeter.

A short video @youtube about the Cyber 960, you can hear the 400Hz and the fans.

Disassembled fan, bearings

Fan housing with field coils

Fan repair at the console CC545, we disassembled the engine and greased the bearings. Now we know that a second fan is installed, because the first one is now quiet.

CDC Cyber 960 starts after 8 years

The installation of the cables is completed, now we start troubleshooting.

interconnection cable CDC Cyber 960

Many thanks to Jerry, he sent us a new IOU to CPU cable.

Console CC545 disassembled

Our Cyber CC545 console urgently needed thorough cleaning. The picture tube works at 17500V so we don’t take any risks. The housing has also been repaired.

Variac 400Hz

Variac disassembled

The IOU transformer had contact problems, we disassembled it and cleaned all contacts and surfaces.

CC545 dead start Cyber 960

CC545 edit dead start routine

The CDC Cyber 960 is alive, we can access the IOU, but the dead start fails.

Stay tuned!

Working on the CDC960 and reading the backup tape for the CRAY Y-MP EL

A lot has happened in the last few weeks:

  • For the operation of the CDC 960 almost all devices are installed in our computer room.
  • The power distributor is rebuilt and equipped with new fuses, as well as the 400Hz cable from the generator and the 50Hz supply line within our room is laid and connected.
  • The 400Hz generator has been successfully tested.
  • Also from the Cray Y-MP EL there is something pleasing to report, we could read the urgently needed SCAN files from a defective original tape.

Here are some impressions:

CDC405, CDC960

QIC Tape Tension Band Replacement