Changeover to WordPress largely completed

We are a little proud to bring a new site online in this short time. The site now has a working certificate and can be reached uniformly at The information on the old page is not lost and to call up 90% under, here we will still improve something, especially with photos from past days.

We reached the first place with our Cray Y-MP EL on the VCFe 19.0

We are very happy that our little Cray got so much attention. First place together with the arcade machines of “For Amusement Only” was the result of all the work.

Cray Y-MP EL at the LRZ.

Many visitors.

The Operators.

Terminal connected to the Cyber 173 emulator of Gerard van der Grinten in the Netherlands.

The Cray has safely arrived home.

The confirmation, chocolate from Switzerland. 🙂

I would like to thank our team and the organisers of the LRZ and VCFe.

Installation of UNICOS successful!

We had some problems to reactivate our Y-MP EL after the long time in stock. Thanks to our spare parts for the Cray, we were able to get the system up and running.

Add the boards to our database.

256 MegaByte RAM.

CPU Board.

Installation complete.

We are very happy that the Cray Y-MP EL is running and we can exhibit the machine at the VCFe.

First action, moved the floor. restarts the computing centre in Grasbrunn near Munich.
First we need an adequate machine room, of course with professional raised floor. Today we moved and installed the floortiles.

Installing the raised floor.

Test, is it stable? 🙂

Next, the first machines will move in.