Update CDC, Cray

We are currently working on all systems.
The Cyber 930 console has been converted to XT-IDE with 128MB disk on module, the 960 is completely assembled and is currently being repaired.
The 930 has a problem with its batteries and the 5V power supply from CEAG is defective and is being overhauled.
E10k and Cyber 4000 are also moving into the operating range.

The Last CDC Cyber 180/960 Mainframes, a 39-year era comes to an end

The colleagues in Vandenberg (USA) have shut down their 960 forever in June 2021.

I really hope we get our 960 back in service. At the moment it doesn’t look bad, our small data center doesn’t have a suitable power connection. However, the new building is almost finished, only small things are missing.

Cray YMP-EL start up after VCFe 2018

Last year we mainly took care of the CDC 960. It’s time to continue with the small Cray.

Cray YMP-EL fault LEDs
Power for the Cray
Power connection to cab two
IPI wiring cab2 to cab1
IO System connectors interchange
Load IOS
Unicos up and running

The Cray is running, I am very happy that there was no bigger problem. Now we can take care of the UNICOS and the network.

IBM 360-65 and 360-44 Operator Consoles

IBM 360 consoles, 360-65 & 360-44

We got two IBM consoles.
From the IBM 360-65 and the 360-44, the special thing about the 44 is that it is labeled in German.

Thanks Wolfgang Kainz- Huber for the quick reaction and the organization.

In the future we will probably build a 360 emulation with a RaspberryPI to make the consoles “blink”.

Vintage Computer Festival Europe 20.0

Yes, it’s VCFe again! This time we are not represented with an exhibition. But there will be a lecture on Cray-Cyber on Saturday. Generally Saturday, Wolfgang Stief continues his lecture series on Cray with the Cray 3, unconditional recommendation.

Program VCFe 20.0:
Lecture Cray-Cyber:
Lecture Cray 3:
VCFe 20.0

Paul Allen

Paul Allen died very suddenly seven days ago.

That was very close to me, although I never met Him personally. I followed his projects like the “living computers museum + labs” with interest and respect.
Our member Gerard van der Grinten was personally on site in Seattle to help with the start-up and repair of the CDC 6500.

The world has lost a great man, he has moved so much.
My condolences to Paul Allen’s family and friends.