The Last CDC Cyber 180/960 Mainframes, a 39-year era comes to an end

The colleagues in Vandenberg (USA) have shut down their 960 forever in June 2021.

I really hope we get our 960 back in service. At the moment it doesn’t look bad, our small data center doesn’t have a suitable power connection. However, the new building is almost finished, only small things are missing.

Cray YMP-EL start up after VCFe 2018

Last year we mainly took care of the CDC 960. It’s time to continue with the small Cray.

Cray YMP-EL fault LEDs
Power for the Cray
Power connection to cab two
IPI wiring cab2 to cab1
IO System connectors interchange
Load IOS
Unicos up and running

The Cray is running, I am very happy that there was no bigger problem. Now we can take care of the UNICOS and the network.

IBM 360-65 and 360-44 Operator Consoles

IBM 360 consoles, 360-65 & 360-44

We got two IBM consoles.
From the IBM 360-65 and the 360-44, the special thing about the 44 is that it is labeled in German.

Thanks Wolfgang Kainz- Huber for the quick reaction and the organization.

In the future we will probably build a 360 emulation with a RaspberryPI to make the consoles “blink”.

Vintage Computer Festival Europe 20.0

Yes, it’s VCFe again! This time we are not represented with an exhibition. But there will be a lecture on Cray-Cyber on Saturday. Generally Saturday, Wolfgang Stief continues his lecture series on Cray with the Cray 3, unconditional recommendation.

Program VCFe 20.0:
Lecture Cray-Cyber:
Lecture Cray 3:
VCFe 20.0

Paul Allen

Paul Allen died very suddenly seven days ago.

That was very close to me, although I never met Him personally. I followed his projects like the “living computers museum + labs” with interest and respect.
Our member Gerard van der Grinten was personally on site in Seattle to help with the start-up and repair of the CDC 6500.

The world has lost a great man, he has moved so much.
My condolences to Paul Allen’s family and friends.